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 About Vietnam

Vietnam is a rare chance to get acquainted with a country that has not lost the charm of tradition and the beauty of its identity.
The amazing beauty of nature, the majestic delta of the Red River in the north and the Mekong in the south, the brilliant green of rice fields, endless white sandy beaches, lush tropical vegetation - all this is Vietnam. 3450 km of Vietnam's coastline are endless miles of untouched sandy beaches and numerous lagoons with coconut palms.
Vietnam is a country with an ancient history and culture, has a huge number of valuable historical monuments, a diverse landscape and the most beautiful coast of the rich South China Sea. Vietnam is struck, above all, its natural beauty. Along the coast stretches a strip of wonderful beaches, and in the center of the country towering mountains covered with dense forests. The best beaches of the South China Sea, also located on the territory of Vietnam, have long attracted Europeans, who know a lot about excellent rest. The classic combination of bright sun, warm sand and a blue surface of the sea makes these places ideal for detaching from all everyday problems and plunging into the world of a coastal fairy tale. Vietnam has a magnificent coastline of 3260 km, washed by the South China Sea. Here is Halong Bay, the name of which is translated from Vietnamese as the "Descending Dragon", with more than 3000 islands rising from the emerald waters of the Gulf of Tonkin.

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My hotel is located in south Vietnam. 200 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City and Ningang. In the province of Mui Ne, MuiNe.
The climate is constant. Day 28 - 36 degrees, and at night 25 - 29 degrees all year round.
Rains are rare. There are no showers. The rain is warm. Most at night.
Dawn at 6-00 in the morning. At 18-00 it's already dark.
A lot of different fruits. Seafood - shrimps, crabs, scallops.
A lot of restaurants, in the menu of which you will not be disappointed.
Beautiful beer Saigon. Also strong spirits and wine.
Come and you will like, and you will love my country, Vietnam.

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